How to earn $HOT coin in NEAR Wallet - the most detailed guide. We farm tokens in Telegram for free

Admin23 Published on March 06, 2024

How to earn $HOT coin in NEAR Wallet - the most detailed guide. We farm tokens in Telegram for free

What is the $HOT token and the role of NEAR and HERE Wallets

$HOT is a token that plays an important role in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. NEAR Wallet is a mobile app inside Telegram that provides secure crypto and NFT storage, coin exchange, $NEAR staking and weekly quests. When you create an account in NEAR Wallet, you get a unique name in format, which is your address for transfers and storage of coins.



How to start earning free $HOT coin in Telegram


  1. Go to NEAR Wallet in Telegram : Follow the link to get $0.01 HOT.
  2. Claim your reward : Click "Claim" and claim your reward, then start generating $HOT coins.
  3. Collect Coins Regularly : Log in to the app every 2 hours to collect your reward.
  4. Mining Improvement : Increase the speed and amount of coin mining.





Improved $HOT mining

There are various tasks within the program, the completion of which increases the level of your $HOT mining. Example:



What quests bring additional earnings in USDT


Users can also complete in-app quests that earn points. At the end of each week, these points can be converted into real money (USDT). Examples of quests:

  • Binance account connection.
  • Making a transfer for a certain amount.
  • $NEAR coin staking and others.

Answers to popular questions (FAQ)

  • What is $HOT coin? $HOT coin is a token used in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.
  • What is NEAR Wallet and HERE Wallet? NEAR Wallet is a mobile application inside Telegram, and HERE Wallet is a separate wallet application.


The NEAR Wallet program is in the early stages of development, but has already attracted a lot of attention in the Telegram community. Early adopters can expect to be rewarded in the future and the $HOT coins earned will likely be flipped on major exchanges. The sooner you start earning $HOT, the more coins you will have by the time of listing. Register with the link and start earning $HOT coin!

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