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Lifehaker Published on May 20, 2024

Fuel Jetton is a completely free game on the popular TON blockchain, where your objective is to mine oil, also referred to as Fuel Mining, or to extract fuel.

Game Launch and Early Opportunities

The game launched on April 14, 2024, providing early adopters with a prime opportunity to mine a substantial amount of oil. Be among the first to dive in and start mining! Begin playing Fuel Jetton now and maximize your gains.

How to Earn in Fuel Jetton

In Fuel Jetton, players can mine oil and earn rewards in the form of oil barrels 🛢 and fuel canisters ⛽. These can be later exchanged for $FUEL tokens. The exchange rate is straightforward:

  • 2 barrels 🛢🛢 = 1 $FUEL
  • 1 canister ⛽ = 1 $FUEL

Developer Insights on the $FUEL Token

The developers have shared comprehensive details about the $FUEL token. The tokenomics, roadmap, and listing plans have been laid out clearly.

Token Distribution:

  • Mining: 37%
  • Airdrops: 15%
  • Fairlaunch: 15%
  • DEX Listing: 13%
  • Team: 10%
  • Marketing: 9%
  • Audit: 1%

Mining will cease once users have mined 37,000,000,000 $FUEL tokens.

Roadmap Highlights

The roadmap for Fuel Jetton is divided into three stages:

April - June 2024:

  • Basic oil extraction mechanics (implemented)
  • Referral system (implemented)
  • Ranking system: ranks and leaderboard
  • Companies and company ranking (communities)
  • TON wallet integration
  • Website creation
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • New opportunities to accelerate oil extraction
  • Ability for companies to hold raffles
  • Airdrops from developers and partners
  • Launch of the first NFT collection
  • Ability to refine oil into fuel (free)

July - September 2024:

  • Airdrops from developers and partners
  • Fairlaunch for $FUEL token liquidity
  • $FUEL token listing
  • Free conversion of fuel into $FUEL tokens
  • Airdrop for NFT holders, early users, and all users
  • Token burning for tower upgrades and inactive accounts
  • Launch of the second NFT collection
  • NFT staking for $FUEL token rewards

October - December 2024:

  • Launch of a new project using $FUEL as the main currency and NFT bonuses
  • Token burning for new project expenses

Playing and Upgrading in Fuel Jetton

The gameplay is simple: log in every 2-4 hours and collect mined oil by clicking "Send to storage." This stamps the in-game tokens.

To start playing, access the bot, click "Start mining #FUEL!" and begin mining oil. The game is accessible on Telegram via smartphones, computers, and browsers.

Upgrading Mining:

You can enhance your oil extraction through two main boosters found in the "Improvement" section:

  • Oil tower level: Significantly increases hourly oil barrel extraction. There are 5 levels available.
  • Multiplier: Provides additional mining speed through task completion, with tasks updated regularly.

Getting Canisters:

Canisters are obtained by inviting other players using your referral link. You receive 10% of their mining and 100 canisters per referral, which can be used to upgrade your oil tower.

Processing Section:

This section will soon allow the conversion of oil barrels and fuel canisters into $FUEL tokens.

Multi-accounts in Fuel Jetton

Surprisingly, multi-accounting is officially permitted. The project gathered 8000 active users in the first 2 days, with additional upgrades and drops anticipated for early participants.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn - start mining oil with Fuel Jetton today and pump oil together! 🛢


Launch DateApril 14, 2024Early users have an advantage in mining.
Main MechanicMining oil and extracting fuelSimple and intuitive game mechanics.
RewardsOil barrels 🛢 and fuel canisters ⛽Exchanged for $FUEL tokens.
Exchange Rate2 barrels 🛢🛢 = 1 $FUEL
1 canister ⛽ = 1 $FUEL
Clear exchange rate for mined resources to tokens.
TokenomicsMining - 37%
Airdrops - 15%
Fairlaunch - 15%
DEX listing - 13%
Team - 10%
Marketing - 9%
Audit - 1%
Complete distribution of tokens among various categories.
Roadmap (Stages)Stage 1 (April - June 2024):
- Basic mechanics
- Referral system
- Ranking system
- TON wallet integration
- Website creation
- Partnerships
- New opportunities
- Raffles
- Airdrops
- Launch of 1st NFT collection
- Oil-to-fuel conversion (free)
Stage 2 (July - September 2024):
- Airdrops
- Fairlaunch
- $FUEL listing
- Fuel conversion
- Airdrop for NFT holders
- Token burning
- Launch of 2nd NFT collection
- NFT staking
Stage 3 (October - December 2024):
- Launch of new project
- Token burning
Detailed description of the project development plans across three stages.
Multi-accountingOfficially allowedUsers can create multiple accounts to increase mining yield.
Referral System10% of referral’s mining and 100 canisters per invited userAdditional rewards for attracting new users.
Available PlatformsTelegram (smartphone, computer, browser)Accessible on all major platforms.
Methods to Upgrade MiningOil tower level
Tower level: 1-16 barrels/hour (5 levels)
Multiplier: +5% mining speed for tasks (e.g., subscribing to channel).
Mining Time Estimate4-6 monthsEstimated time to complete mining with maximum upgrades without referrals.
User SupportOfficial Telegram channelImportant announcements, help, and support from developers.
Gameplay FeaturesCollect oil every 2-4 hours
"Send to storage" button
Convenient gameplay without constant screen interaction, unlike some other games (e.g., NotCoin).

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