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Our unique traffic monetization system allows you to earn money by sharing the power of your Wi-Fi (mobile or cable) with friends! You can attract your friends and acquaintances, expand your network and receive from $2 per month per IP. Share your traffic and make money on it right now!
Peer2Profit is an innovative bandwidth monetization tool!

How can I start earning money?

1. Log in.
2. Download and install the application for your OS on your or a friend's computer.
3. Launch it and enter your email address.
4. Stay connected and monitor your traffic and income!
I have done everything, but the traffic is still low: what should I do?
Keep calm and wait: nothing comes right away. Make sure your software is working and check your account regularly.

Where can I get a lot of referrals, PC and mobile devices?

1. Share data with friends, acquaintances and colleagues.
2. Install the application on all devices available to you and connected to the Internet (at home, in the office, in public places, etc.)
3. Do you run a blog or channel? Do you have subscribers?
Tell them about your project.
4. Are you an affiliate marketer or SMM specialist?
Launch an advertising campaign using your referral link!
Why does the money keep coming in while I'm doing nothing?
You share an unused channel for which you pay monthly, and we pay you per channel.
You are paid to monitor the software, maintain its health, distribute and expand the network.We don't pay for nothing, but the experience will make your time worth it quickly.
You still need to do something.

Is it like letting a stranger in?

No, it won’t. We only run a clean and safe advertising strip for legitimate purposes such as advertising.
We exclude any illegal activity. Any attempt to engage in such activity will result in criminal liability under local law.
We log and store all data about the traffic and users that generate that traffic.
The mission of Peer2Profit as a traffic monetization system is simple. We give people the opportunity to sell bandwidth for money. In this capacity, we help them earn extra money anywhere . But if you intend to accumulate that wealth, the equation is to earn more and spend less. You might argue, “I sell bandwidth for money so I can spend the money.” Of course, this is your right. But what if there are tricks to save at least part of this amount and enjoy life?


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