Pig Of Ton: Innovative P2E Game on the Telegram Platform in the TON Ecosystem

Lifehaker Published on May 22, 2024

Pig Of Ton is a new play-to-earn (P2E) game based on Telegram, inspired by the popular game Catizen. The gameplay revolves around upgrading your characters by merging them. The higher the level of your character, the higher you rank on the leaderboard. Climbing the leaderboard rewards you with more PIG tokens.

In June, the PIG token is scheduled for listing, so now is the time to accumulate as much as possible. Invite friends to join the game, and you’ll receive PIG tokens for their participation.

Collect as many PIGGY gold coins as you can, as they will become valuable in the future within the Pig Of Ton ecosystem, which plans to introduce a variety of additional products.

What has been launched so far is just the beginning. The main game is set to launch in August this year. Early participants will have the opportunity to earn through minting NFTs and subsequently selling them for USDT.

Token Distribution:

  • 50% of PIGG tokens will be distributed through an AirDrop to the community.
  • 10% will be allocated to the developers.
  • 25% will be available for Public Sale (you can purchase tokens by connecting your wallet to the game).
  • 15% will be allocated to liquidity.

AirDrop Details

To participate in the AirDrop:

  1. Activate the bot.
  2. Start merging piglets according to their numbers and place them on the shelf above. This will enable them to produce more PIGGY, which you can use to acquire more piglets.

Pro Tips:

  • Even with automation, your application must remain active for everything to function. If you close it, the process halts, and your piglets won’t merge, nor will you earn new ones.
  • Piglets generate profit for up to 12 hours while you're inactive (like when you’re sleeping). After this period, you will be credited with coins.
  • Run the program on your computer and let it operate in the background while you do other tasks.
  • If you interact with the screen, restart the program to keep it running.
  • On mobile, disable sleep mode to keep the app active.

Partner Rewards:

  • If your partner has a Premium Telegram account, both of you will receive 200 PIG.
  • If your partner does not have a Premium Telegram account, both of you will receive 40 PIG.

Official Telegram Bot

Connect with the official Pig Of Ton Telegram bot to get started and join the community.

Community AirDrop50%Distributed to the community through an AirDrop
Developers10%Allocated to the development team
Public Sale25%Available for purchase during the public sale
Liquidity15%Allocated to liquidity

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