Top 35 Best Google AdSense Alternatives to Maximize Advertising Revenue in 2024

Admin23 Published on February 11, 2024

Discover powerful  AdSense alternatives  to optimize your ad revenue. In our blog, we will introduce you to the 35 best AdSense alternatives that will help you achieve effective results in your monetization efforts.

Google AdSense is popular among publishers and bloggers because it offers a relatively easy way to generate income through advertising. This benefits not only publishers, but also advertisers, as they can reach a wide audience through targeted advertising.

AdSense offers a variety of ad formats, including display ads, text ads, link blocks, and more, giving publishers the ability to choose what works best for their websites.

However, AdSense is not the only advertising network. There are many AdSense alternatives that publishers can explore. So if you are unhappy with Google AdSense, don't worry, there is a lot to learn and in this blog we will discuss exactly that.

But first, let's understand what Google AdSense is.

Table of contents:

What is Google AdSense?
How does Google AdSense work?
What types of websites are best for AdSense?
Why should you look for AdSense alternatives?
How much does Google AdSense pay per 1000 views?
Top 35 Best Google AdSense Alternatives (Google AdSense Competitors)
Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best AdSense Alternative
Which is the best AdSense Alternative?
Final Words on AdSense Alternatives
Frequently Asked Questions – Google AdSense Alternatives

What is Google AdSense?


Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows website owners and publishers to monetize their online content by displaying targeted advertisements on their websites.


Advertisers bid on advertising space, and Google uses its technology to display relevant advertisements based on website content and the interests of website visitors.


There are currently 1,721,339 websites in the United States that use Google AdSense. However, the world of online advertising is constantly evolving, and publishers are always looking for new opportunities and alternatives to explore. For those who want to expand their horizons beyond Google AdSense, there are actually attractive AdSense alternatives available.

How does Google AdSense work?

1. Application and approval

The first step in using Google AdSense for website owners and publishers is to apply for the program.

You submit your application through the AdSense website, and Google verifies the site's content, structure, and compliance with AdSense guidelines.

Once approved, the site owner receives access to the AdSense control panel and a unique advertising code.

The first step in using Google AdSense for website owners and publishers is to apply for the program.

2. Advertising code placement:

Once approved, the website owner will integrate the provided advertising code into the HTML code of their website. This code is strategically placed on pages where the owner wants ads to appear. When a visitor visits a website, the ad code triggers a real-time auction in which advertisers bid for the opportunity to display their ads on the website. The ad code dynamically selects the winning ad based on factors such as the visitor's location, interests, and page content.

3. Receipt of income and payment:

When visitors interact with advertisements, website owners earn revenue. Interaction can take various forms, such as ad clicks or impressions (views). Google tracks these interactions and calculates revenue accordingly. Advertisers pay Google for advertising space, and Google shares a portion of that revenue with the website owner. 

Cumulative earnings are displayed in your AdSense dashboard, and payments are typically made monthly based on your payment threshold.

It is important for website owners to follow AdSense guidelines to maintain eligibility and ensure a positive experience for users and advertisers. AdSense offers a transparent and automated platform for monetizing online content that benefits publishers, advertisers and users alike. 

What types of websites are best for AdSense?

Google AdSense is universal and can be used on various websites. However, certain types of websites tend to perform better with AdSense depending on their content, audience, and engagement. Here are some types of websites that usually work well with AdSense:

Content Rich Blogs

Websites that regularly publish high-quality original content on a specific niche or topic can do well with AdSense. Blogs that provide valuable information and insight and attract an engaged audience often attract relevant advertising, resulting in higher click-through rates.

News sites

Websites that provide timely and relevant news content can benefit from AdSense. News articles often attract advertisers looking to reach audiences interested in current events, and the dynamic nature of news can lead to a constant stream of new advertising.

Niche sites

Websites that target a specific niche or industry can be profitable with AdSense. Advertisers are often interested in targeting specific audiences, and niche websites allow for more targeted advertising, increasing the likelihood of user engagement.

Instructions and Guides

Websites that offer educational content, tutorials, and how-to guides can attract users seeking information and solutions. Advertisers offering products or services related to these topics may find such websites attractive for advertising.

Checking websites

Websites that provide reviews of products, services, or experiences may be eligible for AdSense. Users often visit review sites to gather information before making a purchasing decision, making them attractive to advertisers in a variety of industries.

Forums and community sites

Active forums and community websites with an active user base can generate income using AdSense. Advertisers may be interested in reaching certain populations or interest groups that frequent these communities.

Why should you look for AdSense alternatives?

AdSense is ideal for small to mid-sized publishers with minimal resources  to manage and implement ads  and limited technical knowledge. It is lightweight and reliable and offers publishers a fair share of click revenue. However, this is not the only solution.

The Google platform has some disadvantages that make it an unsuitable choice for some websites. Here are some common reasons to look for Google AdSense alternatives:

1. Frequent failure

AdSense is easy to use and integrate, but may not be suitable for everyone. If you don't have enough content, your AdSense application may be rejected. In such cases, you may need to explore options outside of AdSense.

2. AdSense account blocking

Google AdSense has predefined rules and guidelines to prevent  click fraud  and protect advertisers. If you accidentally violated any of these policies and your account was suspended, you should consider alternative options.

3. Diversify sources of income

Diversifying your revenue streams and supplementing your advertising revenue with alternative ad networks can be an effective way to increase your eCPM.

4. Limited ad types.

Although AdSense is a proven  ad network tool  , its  contextual text ads  don't always fit seamlessly into a website's design or layout. Other ad networks offer more flexibility because you can include other  types of advertising in your content  .

The scope of customization options varies from service to service. However, many networks allow you to customize the size and color of your ad units to match your site's theme and original content.

5. Minimum payout

AdSense has a minimum  payout threshold  of $100, which is higher than some alternative ad networks. This means you won't be able to withdraw money until you reach $100.

6. Income distribution

AdSense publishers receive 68% of the ad revenue on their site, which is quite competitive. However, if you have a website with high traffic and exceptional content, the AdSense alternative offers a larger revenue share.

7. Language barrier

Google AdSense has a predefined list of supported languages. As a result, many less common languages ​​are not included. If you are a publisher using one of these unsupported languages, you may need to consider a Google AdSense alternative.

8. Selection criteria

Google AdSense has strict eligibility criteria and not all websites or content creators may meet these requirements. If a site is relatively new, has low traffic, or doesn't meet AdSense content guidelines, it may have trouble getting approved. In such cases, individuals or publishers may seek alternatives with more lenient approval criteria.

9. Ad quality

AdSense offers a wide range of ad formats, but some publishers may prefer more control over the types of ads displayed on their sites. Alternative ad networks may offer different ad formats or provide more granular control over ad display to better match publisher preferences.

10. Impressions and click-through rate (CTR)

If a website has a high number of impressions but a consistently low click-through rate, this could result in a decrease in overall AdSense revenue. Publishers looking to optimize their revenue can explore alternative ad networks that offer different ad formats, targeting options, or higher CPM rates to increase their revenue despite lower CTR.

11. Control over advertising settings

The level of control a publisher has over customizing their ads can have a significant impact on their monetization strategy and the overall user experience of their site. Here are a few reasons why someone might consider looking for AdSense alternatives as they want more control over how they customize their ads:

12  Advertising placement and integration

AdSense offers some customization options, but publishers who want more granular control over the placement and integration of ads on their sites may want to look for alternatives. Some ad networks offer greater flexibility in where and how your ads are displayed to ensure seamless integration into your website's design and layout.

12. Advertising settings

Setting up Google AdSense can be a bit overwhelming if you are not familiar with the platform. Publishers looking to experiment with unique ad formats or creative designs may find that AdSense alternatives offer more customization options. Some networks may support interactive or visually appealing ad formats that allow you to more creatively target ads to the overall look and feel of a website.

13. Narrow selection of advertising types

The decision to explore some of the best AdSense alternatives available may be influenced by a publisher's desire to use more diverse and innovative advertising options due to the limited choice of ad types. How New  Ad Formats Are Emerging  As new trends and fads emerge, some publishers may be looking for alternatives that will quickly embrace and support these innovations. Ad networks that remain at the forefront of industry trends can offer publishers the opportunity to experiment with new ad types and stay ahead of the competition.

How much does Google AdSense pay per 1000 views? 

From time to time, publishers ask the question: “How much does Google AdSense pay per 1000 views?”, but the answer is not so simple. The amount Google AdSense pays publishers varies depending on their industry, location, time on site, and many other factors. However, the average Google AdSense CPM is between $0.5 and $2.5 per thousand views.

Top 35 Best Google AdSense Alternatives (Google AdSense Competitors)

Here are some of the best Google AdSense alternatives that you can consider:

1) Advertising pushup 


With AdPushup, publishers can optimize their revenue potential using a variety of ad formats and sizes. We are an extremely user-friendly advertising network and an alternative to AdSense. Additionally, we are a certified Google Premier Publishing Partner and a dynamic and innovative AdSense alternative. We pride ourselves on continually improving the way publishers optimize their revenue streams. Our state-of-the-art platform gives publishers access to a wide range of premium buyers, including  GoogleAdx Google EBDA  , Amazon and several other well-known platforms. 

We believe in maximizing your potential; That's why we offer a variety of revenue optimization tools to help you take your advertising revenue to the next level.

Benefits of using Adpushup  👈👈👈😎

  1. Easy to set up and intuitive interface.  Experience seamless integration and ease of use with AdPushup's easy-to-use platform. We've redefined simplicity by making it easy to install and use. 
  2. Your reliable allies.  When you work with Adpushup, you get access to a dedicated and highly skilled account management team. Our team is always ready to listen, strategize, and respond to help publishers on their monetization journey. 
  3. Lots of features.  Unlock your earning potential with features like ad updates, minimum pricing, and more.  

2)  Enjoy 


Geniee  is one of the best AdSense alternatives. Their proposal platform is used by over 5,000 publishers.

Advertising formats.  They  provide high visibility   for both desktop and mobile  native ads , display advertising, social media advertising, inline and outbound advertising  on YouTube videos  .

In addition to innovative ad formats, they offer SSP, DSP and expert ad operations support. 

Geniee's offering services ensure that you get the most out of every  experience  . They provide access to over 100 demand partners, multiple ad optimization solutions, video hosting support, Google policies and products, artificial intelligence tools, demand and application support. 

Publishers can also work with their revenue optimization specialists to ensure that the positioning and placement of their ads generate the highest possible revenue.

Benefits of Using Geniee as an AdSense Alternative 😆

  1. Revenue Benefits:  Publishers can sell inventory at the highest bid price through the  RTB mechanism  .
  2. Technology Platform:  A technology platform powered by machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, data science, and multivariate testing that helps publishers generate revenue and competitive advantage.
  3. Transparent process.  Transparency in revenue reporting sharing and automatic revenue share payments are two major benefits for publishers.
  4. Resource optimization.  Publishers gain full control over their  ad inventory  , ad placement settings, and ad monetization strategies.

The Geniee Advertising Network increases your website's revenue and helps provide visitors with the best user experience.

However, the minimum traffic requirement is two hundred thousand views per month. To justify the investment, they also offer a 35% revenue share.

They offer instant account approval, fair pricing, detailed reporting, support for multiple payment methods, and precise campaign targeting, giving publishers complete control over their campaigns.




3) Medivine

One of the best AdSense alternatives on the list is Mediavine, which not only offers programmatic advertising capabilities but also provides publishers with website templates that are already optimized for advertising. All you have to do is fill out the designated area with information about your product or service, publish it and start earning money from advertising.

They also offer solutions to increase audience engagement on your website. This is truly a great AdSense alternative. However, keep in mind that you need to have at least 50,000 sessions per month (data from Google Analytics).

Benefits of using Mediavine:

  1. Super-fast:  They use lazy loading so ads never weigh down or slow down your site's main content.
  2. Quality control.  Each ad unit has a “Complain” button, which allows you to check the quality in real time.
  3. Thorough Testing:  They claim to have thoroughly tested all of their ad solutions on their own content before offering them to their publishers. So everything has already been tried. Literally.


4) Settings 👽👿😱

Setupad  works well for all publishers, regardless of their size. They offer a self-service header bidding solution that eliminates the need for a team of advertising professionals. Their header bidding solution connects your inventory with over 30 premium partners to increase your ad revenue.

Benefits of using Setupad:

  1. WP Ads:  They offer a free plugin for WordPress users.
  2. CMP: you have a tool consent management platforms  , approved by Google, GDPR compliant and IAB approved  .
  3. Unobtrusive advertising.  Recover 10-20% of lost sales with unobtrusive advertising on your website.

5) MediaFem 👥

MediaFem  offers publishers a unique opportunity to connect with global and local brands and provide a platform to quickly monetize and promote their websites.

With a wide range of ad types, optimization tools and information reports, MediaFem is known for its ability to maximize sales and increase engagement. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best AdSense competitors.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats, including video,  display  ,  native  , desktop, and  mobile  , depending on your specific preferences.

On mobile apps, MediaFem can display up to five ads per page and three ads per screen, generating revenue for your website and earning a commission.

Benefits of using MediaFem

  1. High Revenue:  MediaFem offers high  CPM rates  that can help publishers maximize their earning potential.
  2. Ad Formats:  MediaFem offers a wide range  of ad formats  , including display,  video  and native advertising, giving publishers more choice and making it easier to integrate advertising into their websites.
  3. User-Friendly Dashboard:  MediaFem has a simple and intuitive  user interface  that allows publishers to easily manage their  advertising inventory  and track revenue.

It's worth noting that MediaFem only pays publishers if they have a balance of at least $100 at the end of the month. If this minimum amount is not reached, payment will be deferred until the end of the next month, resulting in a waiting period of up to 53 days.




6) Pubmatic

Pubmatic  is a data-driven digital advertising platform that has been providing one of the best advertising solutions for publishers, media buyers and data owners for many years. They own and operate through their dedicated cloud structure. This allows them to optimize performance for their customers and save significant costs without relying on public cloud alternatives.

Benefits of using Pubmatic:

  • OpenWrap: They offer customized header bidding solutions to open up new revenue opportunities across all channels such as web, mobile and even OTT.
  • Better control. Unlike many other advertising platforms, Pubmatic is an ideal choice for independent website and app publishers who prefer complete control over their advertising efforts. By using advertising tags and SDK ( software development kits ) for both desktop and mobile devices, publishers can easily integrate Pubmatc. 
  • Extended information. Like the other platforms mentioned in the list, Pubmatic offers detailed information about your monetization process. This includes reports on advertising effectiveness , audience engagement, revenue metrics and the list goes on. 

7) Advertising

Overall,  Adsterra  is one of the most popular Google AdSense alternatives that offers full access to high-quality traffic and innovative features. This allows publishers to try a different approach without relying on Google.

Benefits of using Adsterra

  1. Simplified User Experience:  Adsterra offers a user-friendly interface, giving publishers the ability to understand everything intuitively. It is also a useful traffic estimator that supports multiple cost models including CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL and CPI.
  2. Innovative advertising formats.  Apart from its user-friendly platform, Adsterra makes it easy to monetize website traffic through its innovative ad formats such as popunders, push ads, native ads, social bar, deep links, banner ads and pre-view videos. desktop and mobile.


Plus, with robust fraud detection, this ad network can have a huge impact on your sales and provide you with the safest experience possible.


8) Details


Ezoisch  offers publishers a complete solution for adding display advertising to the pages of their websites.

Ezoic personalizes the advertising experience for each visitor, ensuring that they only receive targeted advertising that is most relevant to their interests.

Ezoic provides publishers with access to an exclusive portfolio of Google AdX advertising partners that is not available through Google AdSense. The company recently launched two new products, Flickify and Humix, that allow publishers to easily add video content to their websites.

Flickify allows publishers to convert existing text content into custom videos, increasing advertising revenue and improving the user experience.

Benefits of using Ezoik👱👰👩


  1. Improved user experience:  The Ezoic platform allows you to test different placements and ad formats to improve the user experience and reduce  bounce rates  . Visitors are more likely to stay on your site longer and engage with your content.
  2. Data-driven analytics.  The platform provides detailed information and analytics about user behavior, advertising effectiveness and revenue. This can help you make informed decisions to optimize your website for maximum revenue.
  3. Faster Website Speed:  Ezoic website speed accelerator (CDN) improves website loading speed, which can help improve user experience and search engine rankings.

9) Amazon branches


Amazon  is another major player in the market, similar to Google, and has an affiliate marketing program that allows publishers to monetize their traffic. The Amazon Associates Program offers a simple but effective way to earn commissions by promoting products from one of the world's largest online marketplaces.

Benefits of Using Amazon Associates

  1. Commission-based program:  Publishers receive a commission when a user clicks on an ad and then purchases the product. 
  2. Link building tool.  The platform offers link building tools that publishers can use to recommend products to their users and earn advertising revenue.
  3. Native listing.  Publishers can use  Amazon Native Shopping Ads  to display native Amazon product listings on their websites.


10)  , owned by Yahoo and Bing, is a reliable alternative to AdSense. It is one of the world's largest content networks, trusted by leading brands around the world.

Using PPC advertising  allows you to monetize your content with exclusive access to Yahoo!'s network search! and Bing. The platform connects you with content-focused publishers, maximizes advertising revenue, and provides access to a huge search market. paved the way  for the development of server-side header bidding . The fully managed platform optimizes  programmatic display  so you can optimize your ad revenue with ease.

Benefits of using 💢👸✌

  1. Multiple Ad Formats: offers a variety of ad formats including display advertising, native advertising, and video advertising that can be customized to suit your website's design and layout.
  2. Contextual advertising targeting: uses advanced algorithms  Contextual content  targeting to tailor advertising to your site's content, resulting in higher click-through rates and increased revenue.
  3. Large Advertiser Base: partners with leading advertisers, giving you access to a large pool of premium ads that will help you maximize your earning potential.

11) Snail

Snail  is another Google Multiple Customer Management (MCM) partner AdSense alternative that allows you to access the Google Ad Exchange through a third party and increase your ad revenue. They are one of the best solutions to combat ad blocking.

Snigel uses AdEngine, its AI-powered monetization platform, to leverage over 100 real-time data points such as user behavior, page speed and more. This ensures that each ad setting is unique to the user, increasing user engagement and therefore overall revenue.

Benefits of using Snigel:

  • Yield management: prospects profitability management They use machine learning to ensure you get the most out of every impression.
  • Lightweight Code: Your code is lightweight, easy to install, optimized for page speed and basic web vital signs Google .
  • Minimum price optimization. You run an automatic floor plan optimizer to prevent bidding splits and ensure your ad space is never undersold.

12) Admired

Raptured,  formerly known as AdThrive and Cafemedia,  is another AdSense alternative that promises noticeable results. They work with creators, companies, and advertisers to ensure everyone on the internet gets their due. They report an average RMP increase of 137% for creator partners switching from other providers.

They not only focus on advertising, but also offer other solutions to grow your business, such as a comprehensive SEO system, custom A/B testing, and even exploring other sources of income. They are the complete package.

Benefits of using Raptiv: 👊👍

  • Established image: Although Raptive is new to the market, CafeMedia and AdThrive are established enough in the industry to give this new venture the credibility it deserves.
  • Comparison of individual solutions: Each account has custom integrations to suit your business.

13) Game wire


Spielwire  has been providing online publishers with high-quality advertising solutions  for over a decade  . They were recognized as the Best Monetization Platform of 2023 at the DigiDay Technology Awards, which clearly demonstrates their credibility.

It is a revenue generating platform that works not only with website publishers but also with app developers to better monetize their ads. So, if you are planning to launch an app soon, this could be a good fit for your brand.

Benefits of using Playwire:👌

  • Using artificial intelligence and machine learning. They use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to maximize revenue from each impression.
  • Own video player: they use proprietary technology to stream video ads, eliminating the hassle of integrating with another party.
  • Continuous development: they are constantly improving their technology to keep up with the times.

14) BuySellAds


Another one of the best AdSense alternatives on our list is  BuySellAds  . It provides multiple targeted advertising services to publishers from all domains. For example – they have their own  advertising network  Carbon Ads is exclusively for developers, creators and designers, and is for crypto brands and publishers.

Each advertiser and publisher gets a dedicated team to work in their niche, which helps them reach more people and increase sales.

They even have a self-service platform where you can create a campaign yourself and put it into production right away. This is a good option for those who want to better interact with their audience without having to deal with an advertising partner.

Benefits of using BuySellAds:

  • Contextual advertising. Only show ads that will identify your audience. This helps improve click-through rates and increase revenue.
  • One Stop Shop: Marketers can find advertising opportunities from multiple ad publishers on one platform.
  • No waiting time: Once publishers and advertisers agree on terms and their creative is approved, ads will start showing on the site immediately and without any delays, unlike other networks.

15) SHE Media

“SHE Media was recently announced as a GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner) and is dedicated to ensuring  content and community  drive our culture forward.”

With a mission to  “Build, Scale and Grow”  publishing companies,  SIE Media  offers an end-to-end partnership opportunity. As publishers, they understand the challenges of other publishers on the network and work with them to provide comprehensive solutions for their display network.

Additionally, they offer the opportunity to gain more exposure through editorial inclusion on their flagship website and through live and virtual events.

Specializing in publishing strategies for women, SHE Media is committed to providing you with the best results for your website.

16)  PropellerView

PropellerAds  is a leading advertising network offering a variety of ad formats including banners, sponsored links, and  push notifications  , allowing you to reach a staggering billions of users.



The self-service platform is designed for ease of use and features a streamlined ad builder that allows you to launch campaigns without running into major issues. This makes it one of the best Google AdSense alternatives.


You benefit from multiple targeting options and real-time performance tracking, allowing you to respond quickly and improve your campaign results.

PropellerAds offers an innovative automatic ad optimization feature that uses artificial intelligence to refine your settings and ensure the highest possible conversions for each ad with minimal manual effort.

Benefits of using PropellerAds

  1. Global Reach:  With PropellerAds, you can reach users all over the world. They have an extensive network of advertisers and publishers, so you can monetize your traffic no matter where your visitors are located.
  2. High Payouts:  PropellerAds is known for offering high payouts to publishers. They use various optimization techniques to maximize your income and pay out payments regularly so you can count on a steady stream of income.
  3. Easy Setup:  PropellerAds is easy to set up and offers a user-friendly interface for managing campaigns and tracking revenue. No technical knowledge is required to get started, making it a great choice for beginners.

17)  Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Another alternative to Google AdSense is  Amazon Native Shopping Advertising  . Many website owners and bloggers have taken advantage of Amazon's affiliate program to increase their income. However, Amazon native shopping advertising offers an even more profitable way to monetize your site.

Like AdSense, these ads are contextual and tailored to show relevant products based on page content and keywords. If a user clicks on an ad and then makes a purchase, you will receive a commission on the sale, regardless of whether the item they clicked was purchased.

As the world's leading e-commerce website, Amazon has a phenomenal conversion rate that surpasses its competitors.

Benefits of using Amazon native product advertising👀

  1. Customizable Design:  You can choose from a variety of  ad sizes and styles  to perfectly fit your website design and match your branding.
  2. Related Best Practices:  Ads are automatically personalized for each visitor based on their browsing history and other factors, increasing the likelihood that they will click through and make a purchase.
  3. Easy integration:  Adding Amazon native shopping ads to your website is a simple process that can be completed in just a few clicks.

18)  Inconsistency

Inconsistency  offers an easy-to-use advertising platform that allows you to quickly set up ads in minutes. Once you've got everything set up, Adversal will take care of the rest so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

The intuitive interface allows you to quickly start, stop and pause campaigns. It's important to note that for Adversal, your site must have its own domain name and receive at least 50,000 page views per month.

It must be open to the public and does not require registration. If you meet these requirements, you can take advantage of the many benefits Adversal has to offer.

Benefits of using Adversal😉

  1. Easy to Use:  Adversal is easy to use, with a simple setup process and an intuitive control panel that lets you track your earnings and manage your ads.
  2. Fast Payout:  Adversal pays out winnings quickly with a low minimum withdrawal threshold of just $20. You can get your income faster than many other advertising networks.
  3. Excellent Customer Support:  Adversal offers excellent customer support with a dedicated team of experts to answer your questions and help optimize your advertising campaigns.

19)  Skimlinks

Skimlinks  simplify the process of linking your commercial content, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your website without having to set up affiliate links.

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